NAtional ARON AWARDS Terms and Conditions

Introductions to Awards

National ARON Awards (henceforth known as NAA) is owned by Rehan Uddin and is organised by Jenny Bindon. To contact the events team of National ARON Awards please email

All ARON promotional Material (unless otherwise stated) that is situated within the website and other ARON channels is the Intellectual property of Rehan Uddin.


Award Entries and Eligibility

  • Before entering the NAA, please ensure to read the T&C’s and criteria of the awards. Then follow the online process to submit your nomination.

  • Anyone can enter the NAA, but you must work within an Asian cuisine environment within the UK (Great Britain, Scotland and Wales). If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please inform the person(s) before doing so.

  • Please ensure that before entering, that you check the awards criteria. The NAA or Inspiring Joe are not responsible for misrepresented or misinformed entries.

  • You may enter as many categories that are relevant to your or prospective nominee(s).

  • Nominations are open on 1st November 2019 and will close 1st December 2019. Finalists will be announced on the 12th December 2019.

  • Nominations are free to enter.



  • The awards will be judged on criteria mentioned on the home page of the ARON Awards.

  • The nominations are judged based on the information provided by you when filling in the form. The NAA is not responsible for misrepresented or misinformed entries.

  • All nomination information provided is strictly confidential, if you are not the nominee and making an entry on someone’s behalf, we will not inform the nominee who nominated them unless written consent is provided.

  • Decisions are final unless under extenuating circumstances, shall an alternative winner be chosen this will be at the discretion of the judges.



Upon entering the NAA, you have agreed that you will follow the laws and regulations in relation to the Bribery Act 2010. (Including, but not limited to anti-bribery and anti-corruption)

  • As a nominee, you are expected to follow the rules laid out in these terms and conditions.

  • It is the responsibility of the nominee and/or nominator to report any undue financial agreements for advancement that can jeopardize the integrity of the NAA.

  • Failure to report or found to be committing an offence of bribery or corruption, then the NAA will exercise their right to withdraw the nomination and look at to enforce a permanent ban from the NAA and all other affiliates.

  • A breach of this clause will be seen as a material breach of the agreement.

Under NO circumstances will Sponsors and any member of the events team will accept any form of bribery.


Awards ceremony and Venue

  • The NAA ceremony will be held at the English Riviera Centre, Torquay on 30th March 2020.

  • Finalists will be entitled to free entry and will be sent a link for guests on a first refusal basis.

  • Finalists are expected to fill in all relevant information on the Eventbrite to obtain their tickets. Confirmation of booking is instant from Eventbrite if for any reason you do not receive your confirmation, then please email the website.

  • The NAA or the Riviera Centre will not be held liable for loss or damage to an attendee’s personal belongs. 

  • The NAA or the Riviera Centre is not responsible for finalists and their guest's inability to attend the event. Information will be available on how to reach the venue on all communication channels.

  • The NAA or the Riviera Centre is not responsible for speakers or entertainers' content that could potentially cause offence during the awards.

  • Refunds on tickets will be only be applicable via written correspondence – this will be subject to time-frame.

  • Tickets are non-transferable unless submitted in writing one month prior to the event. Should any requests be submitted within the month of the event, then it will be taken into consideration and the decision of the transfer is final.

Venue Information

  • Although there is plenty of parking – we do not guarantee/save spaces for attendees.

  • If there are any special or dietary requirements, please inform us as soon as possible via email found on the website.

  • We reserve the right to remove any attendees who act disruptively or disrespectfully during the awards.


Cancellation or Postponement of the Event

  • The NAA has the right to cancel or postpone the ceremony in the event of a force majeure that is beyond the organiser's control and will be done so at the sole discretion of the NAA. Tickets will not be refunded in the event of a force majeure.

  • Should postponement occur, that is not due to force majeure, then all tickets purchased will still be valid and non-refundable, under the circumstance that the event is held within a 3-month period from the original date if failure to find a suitable date within a 3-month to 12-month period then refunds will be issued.

  • All parties will be informed via the appropriate channels of the change.


Data Protection & GDPR

  • Upon entering the NAA you are agreeing for your information to be used for promotional purposes with the following; 

  • You are consenting to allow our sponsors to have your details to get in contact with you after the NAA Ceremony, if you wish for this to not happen, please email the website.

  • There will be a professional photographer and videographer at the awards, be purchasing a ticket you are agreeing for your image to used accordingly by the NAA for all marketing purposes for the NAA and ARON Network.

  • All information will be treated as confidential and will be destroyed securely.

  • Within this agreement, the nominee is the Data controller and NAA is the Data Processor.



The NAA will not be held liable by any Award Holder or any
other person working on the Award (including but not limited to employees, students, visiting fellows and subcontractors) will indemnify the ARON Network against any claims for compensation or against any other claims (whether under any statute or regulation or at common law) for which the Host Organisation may be liable as an employer or otherwise or for which any other person working on the Award may be liable.

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30th march • English Riviera Centre, Torquay