Welcome to ARON Awards. Here is where you find the criteria for each category of the awards. 

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Award Categories:


Best Restaurant: This award will be given to the restaurant that has embraced its own unique identity; this will include the quality of service and food, ambience, and style of the restaurant.

Best Chef: This award will be given to the chef, who has been able to demonstrate their knowledge, taste, and presentation skills of the dishes they create. This award will require a visit to the establishment.

Rising Star: This award will be given to those o has shown exponential growth through an economic or sustainability approach.

Most Inspirational: This award will be given to the person, restaurant o,r organisation that has demonstrated a 'game-changing' attitude for their business and professional development.

Best Concept: This award will be given for the demonstration of new ideas of recipes that have been developed through thought-out theory and practice.

Best Takeaway: This award will be given for the organisation that demonstrates excellence and efficiency in their takeaway service, from food preparation through to delivery.

Asian Tech Style Award: The award is for the individual who has made an exceptional presence within the Asian restaurant community. - This award will be chosen by the ARON Director, Rehan Uddin. 

Customer Service Award: This award is for the presentation of exceptional customer service received from front of house staff.

Street Food Award: This award will be given for the execution of excellent street food ideas that are executed through accurate knowledge.

Best Event Caterer - This awards will be given to the vendor that has demonstrated merchandising and presentation strategy in an event environment - This award is a public vote

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